Love is recognition

Where there is no grass in sight anymore,
I'll climb the mount with all my might to go and fetch this rare flower.
My heart knows no language differentiation, no discrimination, no limit.
I have no map yet and don't need one anyway.
Wait a little longer, do not wither !
For I'll find you, my heart's whispers are true and they'll lead me to sound destination.
My dearest sweet, look up to the sky and bear in mind that one day we'll meet.
Wait, but be alert and do not miss my call.
Do not worry, simply be in this moment fully.
Love is recognition, so when your core tinkles rightly you will know for sure.
Rejoice my love, for there is always hope even through the hardest of time.
Rejoice ! You, too, will have a chance !
I am yours already .


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