Waking up from the dream

I'm waking up from this dream.My core being feels lighter without the suffering anymore.My doors are wide opened and the morning breeze finds its way through them.I am breathing, I am alive.I know that endless opportunities await me and I just let them come and go.Raindrops are falling and I listen to their melody as they touch the ground.I am drenched in the rain and I smile.Why should I run in ...

Your femininity heals my heart

Your femininity heals my heart, do you know how sweet you are?Being a woman is your nature so you don't need to pretend.I wake up every morning eager to meet you again.I am attracted by your apparent fragility and rendered impressed by your mental strength.I am scared by this elegant creature but I will approach her smoothly.Secretly I will smell her natural fragrance and my body will cheer up.You...

Love is recognition

Where there is no grass in sight anymore, I'll climb the mount with all my might to go and fetch this rare flower.My heart knows no language differentiation, no discrimination, no limit.I have no map yet and don't need one anyway.Wait a little longer, do not wither !For I'll find you, my heart's whispers are true and they'll lead me to sound destination.My dearest sweet, look up to the sky and bea...

Poem to my Love

I dedicate this poem to my love.May you hear my words one day and recognise how sincere I am to you.For I long everyday to embrace you, but I'm always ready to let you go if that's your wish.We live very far apart from each other and I have to say that it is troublesome to me.At this point in my life, I don't really know what move I should take.However I know that what I feel for you isn't fleetin...

I come from your world

I come from your world.There are no lines that define our countries, those are simply imaginary.This fact becomes quite evident when looking out of a plane's window.When I'll come to visit your country, with amazement I will enjoy what your culture has to share.However when I'll stand on your ground, it will feel like mine back home.I might not understand your language, but I understand this smile...



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